Long-awaited and now it’s finally here…

Heinz Famer’s cookery book.
We proudly present the printed version of our guests’ favourite recipes.
A good 2 dozen of our guests’ favourite recipes are now available
in the new “Heinz’s Bestes” cookery book.



Here’s a quick taste

of his exquisite culinary delights:


If you are interested in the cookery book – just drop us a line or visit our “Deer Shop” on our website.

Our excellent cuisine is based on top-quality cooking skills.
Traditional fare, tasty innovative creations made of freshly packaged domestic produce,
a variety of ideas and outstanding taste, all lovingly prepared.

Let our experienced chef Heinz Farmer and his team cast their spell on you over and over again.
Culinary highlights for the discriminating palate. Look forward to sophisticated creations for all your senses.

No pleasure is fleeting, 
for it always leaves 
a lasting impression.

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